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I have experienced many miracles in my life, but most of them required work. Intervention does work miracles, but there is work involved for the family as well. If you are ready to find out more about the interventions, take the following steps:

  • Call me at 765-759-7339 and share your situation with me. If I'm not there leave me a brief message and a return phone number. At that time we can set up a meeting to review the history of the person who needs help, determine who will be the participants in the intervention and where the planning session will take place.
  • Prior to every intervention I will meet with family members and friends to review their roles in the intervention, determine where the intervention will be conducted and decide which treatment program would best meet the addicted person's needs.
  • We will then facilitate the intervention and I will personally take the addicted person to the program we have chosen.
  • Following the intervention, I will stay in contact with the family and the addicted person for follow-up work. Often this follow-up is a very vital part of the process of reentry into the world after treatment.

The simplest thing to do now if you have hopes, doubts or questions is to give me a call at 765-759-7339.

Service Area

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Perkins Intervention's main service areas are in Indiana and surrounding states, including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, LaFayette, or Muncie, IN, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH or Eastern IL or Southern Michigan. Occasionally, there is a need to travel to one coast or the other, particularly Florida. If Bruce cannot travel or is already booked for the time you want, he can and does recommend other intervention specialists.

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