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"We tried to help her see she had a problem, but the unity of our family under the gracious hand of your direction, Bruce, made all the difference."

Indianapolis, IN
Bruce Perkins Intervention

Treatment Providers

There are several main considerations when determining the most appropriate treatment facility or rehab, including inpatient and outpatient services, half-way houses, as well as family programs and dual diagnosis. Many different physical and mental health problems will show up with addiction as those suffering will often self medicate. Perkins Counseling has some long term relationships with several treatment providers and will help you determine which provider is best for your situation.

Here are some treatment providers utilized by Perkins Counseling and Intervention:

Service Area

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Perkins Intervention's main service areas are in Indiana and surrounding states, including Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Bloomington, LaFayette, or Muncie, IN, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH or Eastern IL or Southern Michigan. Occasionally, there is a need to travel to one coast or the other, particularly Florida. If Bruce cannot travel or is already booked for the time you want, he can and does recommend other intervention specialists.

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